Best Time To Travel To Spain

A question that we get a lot is “When is the best time to visit Spain?” and while Spain that lies in the Southwestern part of Europe is widely known as a summer vacation spot, the truth is that one can travel across Spain throughout the year. The second largest country in the European Union, Spain is quite diverse both culturally and naturally with lots to explore and discover. Here is a quick guide for Spain travel:

January to March

The South of Spain is comparatively warmer than the North. It is therefore an ideal time to visit the region of Andalusia if you want to avoid the cold and windy weather. You will find milder temperatures, sunny days and lesser crowds, not to mention affordable flight and accommodation rates owing to the low season. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for winter sports, this is the best season for activities like skiing, snowboarding etc. Make the most of it!


Nature is absolutely gorgeous throughout Spain in Spring. Additionally, it is also a great time to enjoy the festivities that take place during Easter. The celebrations in the city of Seville are spectacular and unmatched. Make sure you plan and book your trip in advance as it happens to be the peak season for the very same reason. 

You can also explore cities like Barcelona and Madrid and take advantage of the pleasant weather that is not too hot or too cold with exceptions of a few rainy days.

May to mid June and September

The pre and post summer months in Spain have warm but bearable weather. The sea is colder than summer but one can enjoy lesser crowds on beach locations that are otherwise jam packed in July and August. Not surprisingly, this is a great time to head to the beaches. Even better, we recommend visiting the Balearic islands of Menorca and Mallorca for a relaxing vacation that has so much more than just the beaches to offer.

Mid June to August

Welcome to Summer! The busiest and liveliest time of the year, you will find almost the entire country out and about socialising and having a good time. The temperature is quite hot throughout Spain, especially as you go to the South, which we recommend avoiding. It is quite pleasant in the region of Basque Country and Navarra with comparatively lesser crowds and greener landscape than other regions. All in all, it is the best time to explore the beauty of the North.

October and November

An ideal time to enjoy mountain landscapes with astonishing colours of Autumn, this is one of our favourite seasons to travel. The Pyrenees in the north of Catalonia is breathtakingly beautiful. Take this time to connect with nature as the temperature drops slightly. You can enjoy a short or long hike and trek to discover stunning views only accessible by foot. It is recommended to beat the crowd in cities and explore the ancient and well preserved villages of the region instead.


Even though Spain is warmer than the rest of Europe, the weather gets quite chilly in most parts of Spain. A great way to beat the cold weather is to escape to the Canary islands in the South of Spain. Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are some great options to consider. The weather is sunny and warm with most days experiencing temperatures reaching mid 20s°C thanks to the subtropical climate. Enjoy a beachy and relaxed vacation even in the winter season.

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