Frequently Asked Questions
Who travels with Kulgana?

Kulgana enjoys working with a wide range of travellers across various age groups, all of whom are unconventional and diverse with a strong passion for immersive travel. While some prefer to travel solo, others enjoy travelling with their partners, families, friends and even colleagues. They seek journeys that allow them to live local culture authentically and wholeheartedly and are keen on balancing famous touristic places with offbeat and unexplored destinations.

What are the ways to travel with Kulgana?

We all like to travel in our own unique way and at Kulgana we not just recognise that but also cater to the different ways you choose to travel.

Our intimate scheduled group trips of not more than 8 persons, include a full time tour coordinator and allows you to travel with other like-minded individuals and connect with them to form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

For all of you who like to go against the grain, we offer personalised luxury travel that is meticulously designed and crafted to suit your unique preferences and desires. Travel solo, with a partner or in a group with or without our tour coordinator. Let us show you the way while you choose your travel companions, rhythm and pace.

What kind of travel services does Kulgana provide?

Kulgana takes care of everything from curating a unique itinerary that suits you perfectly to its booking and coordination so that you get to experience an extraordinary trip at the best price without all of its hassles.

We also provide 24/7 travel support so that you can have peace of mind and prompt assistance at every stage of your journey.

What does Kulgana packages cover?

We expertise in small group and private tailor-made travel packages and take care of EVERYTHING once you are in Spain! Our packages include impeccable luxurious accommodation, ​​everything from local heritage gastronomy to modern cuisine adapted to your dietary preferences, private internal transportation, domestic flight transfers and culturally-immersive guided experiences and activities.

When and how can I get in touch with Kulgana?

We highly recommend getting in touch a good 3 - 4 months prior to your ideal trip dates to ensure best deals and a smooth visa application process. However, we have had travellers get in touch with as close as 3 weeks before their arrival and our team has always been proactive in accommodating all enquiries that come to us.

The best way to get in touch is to send us an email at or to connect over WhatsApp on +34664891213. We love talking about all things travel!

What will the food be like on my trip?

‘Ga’ in Kulgana stands for Gastronomy and is one of the fundamental pillars on which we rely to design itineraries for our travellers. We believe that every traditional meal has a story that offers a deep cultural insight into history. We strive to enrich your travel with both regional meals and modern cuisine with the best local produce, to offer you an immersive gastronomical experience, no matter your food preferences.


I have special dietary preferences - will they be catered to?

Yes, absolutely! We take our travellers’ gastronomical experiences very seriously and have put a great deal of efforts in vetting and partnering with the best restaurants, private chefs and culinary institutions. Be assured that whatever your dietary preferences, we’ve got you covered!

Does Kulgana provide assistance with visa?

Kulgana can assist you with visa in some instances based on where you are applying from. Please contact us to know more.

Can Kulgana help me with forex card and travel insurance?

Yes! Our objective is to make your travel as seamless as possible and provide assistance with various services like forex card, travel insurance, international SIM and stable data access etc. Please contact us for more information.

What kind of support can I expect along the way?

We are at your disposal every step along the way. From understanding your needs and preferences in the planning stage, to designing or helping you design an itinerary, to perfecting it, we will make sure that you get all our expertise and guidance.


Once we have your confirmation, our team will help you with documentation, visa, travel insurance and/or any other requirement you might have to better prepare for your travel. Lastly, we also provide a 24/7 traveller support service for any onground assistance. And if you happen to visit Barcelona, our team would love to catch up with you in person over food or drinks. Nothing would make us happier!

What type of information will Kulgana provide to travellers?

Upon your booking, Kulgana will send you a confirmation email with the detailed itinerary, instructions on travel arrangements and a travel checklist that will include items to carry etc. Your travel insurance policy documents will be sent shortly, should you need our assistance for the same.


About two weeks prior to your arrival, we will share a folder with all the relevant vouchers that you will have to present during the trip, along with contact details of our tour coordinator (if on a scheduled group trip), partners and our traveller support team.


Once you arrive we will hand you your forex card, international SIM with data access and a special arrival package with fun travel essentials will be waiting for you.